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A positive impact on global health.

One family at a time.

Vital eCare™ creates a positive impact on global health and wellness, one family at a time.  Vital eCare™ is positioning as a leading force in personal health management by delivering innovative cloud-based solutions that empower real time collaborative care between providers, patients, families and care teams.  Our solution removes the many disconnects between healthcare providers, secondary/tertiary care-givers, patients, and families/caregivers and opens the door to a more transparent and supportive relationship between everyone involved.

Our vision.

Our vision is to create a trusted space where patients and their loved ones can connect with healthcare providers and services. We want the members of the Vital eCare™ community to receive the optimum care in a way that is readily accessible, user friendly and cost-effective. 

The challenge.

Healthcare costs continue to escalate as does the prevalence of chronic and co-morbid diseases in an ever-aging population. Though investments to improve the patient journey inside the clinic have proven beneficial, a patient’s healthcare needs do not stop at the clinic. It is actually where true healthcare begins. Care needs to transcend the clinic. Yet barriers persist today for patients and families dealing with chronic disease including lack of access to health care when needed, difficulty coordinating care plans, and inability to effectively engage family and care teams who need to support them. They often are left disenfranchised and disengaged in a very disconnected process.

The solution.

Vital eCare™ solves these issues in a number of ways. First, we create seamless access to patient’s comprehensive personal health profiles across the care continuum. Second, we integrate the tools and resources necessary to create an online health and wellness experience that’s ready for daily facilitation, including the development and monitoring of activities, tasks and goals that reflect integrated and comprehensive plans of care that are specific to the patient’s needs. The multifaceted health service platform closes the information gaps, reduces cost of care, and improves quality of care and quality of life for all Vital eCare™ participants within the care continuum.

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