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Provides an employee benefit that supports health and wellness

The cost of healthcare is a financial burden to a company in general along with workdays missed due to illness.  Vital eCare™ is an ideal offering for employers and their families, particularly for those employers who seek to self-insure. It is designed for families to have a trusted and centralized platform for every family member to better manage chronic disease through online engagement, whether it be the employee or a member of the employee’s family. By offering Vital eCare™ to employees through a supplemental employee benefits program employers can partner with their employees and their families for a healthy life together and fewer work days missed.

The advantage.

Vital eCare™ helps to keep employees and families healthier and employees optimally productive and engaged at work, while containing healthcare costs.  Quality of life and satisfaction across the overall employee populations can be most effective in both delivering results for the company and retaining employees.

Increases employee productivity

Improves patient and provider satisfaction

Helps contain costs

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