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For Communities

Allows collaboration with patients and their support teams

Vital eCare™ is designed to be able to tap into the many community-centered health resources funded by private and public entities. States, counties, and cities offer housing, food programs, transportation and more. Connection to these resources is facilitated with the Vital eCare™ platform. This includes private companies (such as a local pharmacy) or community-based service organizations (such as a meal providing organization) which can further engage patients and families through electronic platforms.

The advantage.

Vital eCare™ allows federal, state, local and private organizations to help actively support and participate in patients and individuals meeting their health and wellness goals. The more accessibility that the health community has to the individuals in need of their services, the more benefit their services will be able to provide.

Enables access to resources

Allows care involvement from any location

Increases collaboration across the health team

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