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Promotes seamless provider engagement with patients and their families

Vital eCare™ is designed for seamless engagement of all providers, from the Primary Care Physician to specialists, with their patients and their families. By creating secured and comprehensive aggregated patient information with a “whole person” view, the patient’s care teams – both clinical and non-clinical - are able to engage in collaborative care and wellness programs focused on addressing the patient’s needs. The seamless integration of aggregated patient health information, a collaboration engine, comprehensive care and life-style planning tools (including tools to support Transitional and Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring) will position healthcare delivery entities to succeed in value-based care models.

The advantage.

For providers, engaging patients and families in care collaboration and coordination using Vital eCare™ strengthens the provider-patient relationship. The ability to work with patients and their support team to set and proactively monitor plan goals across various care plans from different providers facilitates prevention and earlier interventions when expected care plan progress is not being made, reducing the time needed to achieve desired outcomes and therefore reducing cost, as well as improving provider and patient satisfaction.

Increases  reimbursements  and revenue

Improves provider and

patient satisfaction

Improves quality of care

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