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For Health Insurers

Improves population health across the practices they insure

Payers are motivated to support improved whole person and population health across their patient’s care continuum and across populations that they serve. Vital eCare™ drives informed and shared decisions and best practices by addressing the challenges of sharing a patient’s health information, current health status and lifestyle/behavioral data, or Social Determinants of Health – (SDOH) across multiple providers. Providing a secure, seamless, and readily accessible suite of tools to enable team collaboration across the care continuum of providers and specialists having current and holistic patient information helps real time care coordination. In addition, access to more complete de-identified data generated by the Vital eCare™ platform can be made available for use in broader, population-based research studies.

The advantage.

Vital eCare™ achieves care gap identification to improve quality of care, supports improved insight into preventative care and best practices that can be shared, improves health outcomes, and provides more effective population health programs. These initiatives help reduce clinic visits and claims while improving outcomes. 

Reduces clinic visits and claims

Increases program effectiveness

Improves quality of care

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