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For Families and Caregivers

Enables collaboration in coordinating patient care plans.

Designed for patients and families coping with managing chronic diseases and wanting to proactively take ownership of their health, Vital eCare™ electronically enables family and caregivers to collaborate and help in coordinating patient plans for care and wellness. When chronic disease afflicts a family member, the suffering of the other family members runs deep and is silently disruptive. With Vital eCare™, the frustration of wanting to help and not having the information and tools to do so are no longer barriers. Vital eCare™ enables role assignments to family members and caregivers who are instrumental in supporting a patient’s lifestyle plans and care needs. Through their Vital eCare™ portal, a patient can invite and involve family and caregivers to collaborate and coordinate care down to specific tasks and activities. Secure and authorized access is able to be monitored so patients know who is engaged and supporting their care.    

The advantage.

Vital eCare™ allows family and caregivers to be more supportive and instrumental in caring for patients anytime, anywhere. The Vital eCare™ solution helps eliminate delays in providing care as well as costs associated with those delays. Now families can support the patient on equal footing as geography is no longer a barrier to delivering the care that is needed.

Allows care involvement from any location

Eliminates delays in care

Allows families and caregivers

to advocate for the patient

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